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Bag in a Bag, Towel in a Bag

We wanted to do something new. Then there was the idea of ​bringing different kinds of bags that you might need on the sea, sand, beach and a boat within just one set…

withlove bag sets were born with this idea. We also added the embrace of the towel into the bags. One large main bag, a cosmetic bag that you can fill stuff within, a mini walletish clutch and a wet-dry swimsuit bag that will put an end to where to keep the wet and dry swimsuit (Zahide has made this one especially for herself). We have not seen anything like this before, if you did, please share J

And another surprise: You can mount 2 of the bags with snaps in the main bag, 1 other can be attached to the hook. For those who love order in chaos. Of course, if you use it separately, we have no objection as well.  We already feel like the single portfolio bag we made for those who want a singular thing, will be the hit withlove product of this season.